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Our 2nd climb of Javea's mountain


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Having climbed Montgo once before, we were determined to do it again… but quicker!

Filed Under: Spain by Rob August 10, 2012, 13:20

Climbing Montgo is part of the ‘PR-CV 355′ trekking route, that is along the hills of Javea.

Montgo is a big mountain that towers over Javea in Spain, visible from all areas. From the Javea side it is said to look like an elephants head and trunk, with a big cave resembling its eye. Its official peek is 753m, and its possible to get to it via a couple of routes, from either the Javea side or the Denia side.

We had spent the last couple of months walking and climbing around the ‘PR-CV 355′ route.

Starting our climb We had already done the Montgo climb once, and we thought it would be good to try it again, to better our time.

Climbing Montgo the first time, it was only 2 weeks into our stay in Javea and we hadn’t done much training, and from the Javea Port it took us about 6hrs 15mins.

Second time, after 2 months of ‘training’, we smashed that time and it took just 4hrs 30mins, and that was over 18 km! We were very happy about that! Especially since the official sign said from the car park at the base of Montgo it takes 5hrs to get up and down, and we did that part in just 3hrs.

Taking a rest You can see the path we took from the map below, with the route plotted out from the GPS positions from our trusty I-Gotu device.

We took about 6 litres of water and cameras in our backpacks, along with a couple of bananas. We both had good quality hiking shoes as the track has quite alot of lose rocks and stones.

Most of the route up is a defined path, Nearly at the top zigzagging up the side, with the first part of the climb being the easiest. About 1/2 way up it levels out beside a cliff face which is a good place to stop for a quick break and take in some of the views.

The 2nd part is a bit steeper, with bigger rocks in the path, mixed in with smaller ones and the ‘standard’ dusty orange soil that is all over this area.

The last 20 minutes of the climb near the top is more of a ‘scramble’, over bigger rocks and a much more steeper incline. There isnt really a path now as its just big rocks.

Finally, we’re at the top. A flat peak and wonderful views all around.

The views from the top weren’t so good this time, as there was alot of cloud that came in when we got to the top. This picture is from top, nearly above the clouds.

At the top! It was quite hard work but we were lucky in that the sun kept behind the clouds for most of the time. We keep looking at the whole PR-CV 355 route and thinking we should try that, but I dont think we have a stamina to do it all in one go.

When we climbed it the first time it was in May, there were 100s of butterflies all along the path up, but this time we didnt see much. Mostly only annoying huge flies that insisted on buzzing around our heads.


The route up Montgo:

Total distance: 18.88 km
Max elevation: 773 m
Min elevation: 8 m
Total Time: 04:50:18

We’re still thinking we might try it one more time before we leave, as it certainly gives us a good workout. Maybe we’ll get some clearer views the next time, but its not to good to pick a sunny day to climb up, with temperatures around 34c at the moment.



steve donovan says August 14, 2012,09:13

Well done to both of you! Having seen it up close and bearing in mind the temperature, it was an excellent time.
I think I could probably do it in 3 hours….if someone carried me!!
You ought to try one more time just to prove how easy it is now that you have conquered it twice already.

Alexey says July 31, 2013,19:28

Thanks a lot for this post, going to climb up there tomorrow :)

Rob says July 31, 2013,22:10

Cool… we’re hoping to be back in Javea soon, so we might do it again! :)



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