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Welcome to Rob and Katrine’s travel blog!

In late spring 2012 we decided to leave the rainy UK and head out to explore the dark blue planet we call Earth. This is our blog that we are keeping during our travels and if you want to know where we are, what we are doing and look at photos from across the globe, you have come to the right place.

Please have a look around our site and enjoy your visit!


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Artist Stock image site

Image Stock site

So, after travelling around for so much, and taking many many photos, we decided to start up small stock site with all our images on. We have accumulated over 60,000 images over the years, and we have made around 35,000 of them available to be bought. The site is primarily for Artists, so they can [...]

Daily Gallery

Amazing Antarctica

The last, great, and mind blowing wilderness of the planet.

The great white continent in the south, the fairly unexplored and distant land of the last absolute wilderness of planet Earth; Antarctica! We had no idea just how amazing this place would prove to be and just how much it would blow our minds and just how much wildlife actually lived there. This unearthly part of the planet proved to be the best experience of our whole world wide trip!


A journey through the mighty mountains of the south

Chile would be our very first country to visit on the South American continent and we had no idea what to expect from this very thin but very long country. We knew that the national parks in the south would be spectacular but what about the rest?

The extremes of New Zealand

A road trip through the South Island

Ever since we visited the North Island in New Zealand, we have longed to go back and discover the South Island and all it’s famous landmarks. Once we picked up our camper van and started heading out on the road, we knew fairly soon that we would be in for a road trip treat of a life time!

Training through Vietnam

A 2-week journey from South to North

We had heard so many great things about Vietnam and we decided pretty early on in our travel plans that we wanted to go via trains along the whole length of the country, from Ho Chi Minh in the south to Hanoi in the North. This is our experience of this diverse and beautiful country!

Tomb raiding in Cambodia

Tombs, Tombs and more Tombs

We knew that Tomb Raider and The Killing Fields where big hit movies both recorded in Cambodia and we knew that they both gave two very different views of two so different parts of the history of the country. Once we got there we realized that those two movies gave a very true picture to the country itself and what it had to offer.

Fantastic Laos

An unexpected diversion through Laos

We had not originally planned to travel to Laos but so many of our friends and other travelers along our way kept telling us not to miss it. So in the end we decided to go by squeezing in 7 days that we didn’t really have and wow, it was definitely worth it!

Same same, but something different….

Thailand from bottom to top

This was the start to our train and bus journey through south east Asia

Annapurna trekking adventure

Climbing up to ABC

We had done lots of climbing and walking in Spain, but this was a bit different….

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